Bushfire recovery

A simple way to coordinate help for those recovering from the bushfires

Create a 'support crew'

Friends, family, neighbours and community play an essential role in coping during tough times.

It is a long road ahead – but connecting to your community (both near and far) can assist with rebuild and recovery.

Gather My Crew can be used in many ways throughout the coming months and years to coordinate practical help.

We understand that your support needs will change over time – and Gather My Crew is able to change with you.


If you don’t feel you need a ‘support crew’ right now, consider setting one up for a vulnerable person within your community.

You can use Gather My Crew to bring together a friendship group, a family, social club or neghbourhood to support others. Get some friends and neighbours together and create a ‘support crew’ for someone you know who needs a helping hand.

It's as easy as...

1. identify help needed

2. invite people to lend a hand

3. 'support crew' select how they help

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Ways people can help...

You can set up a ‘support crew’ to maintain social contact with friends and family, to arrange ‘working bees’ for cleanup or rebuilding activities, to coordinate childcare when you have tasks that need to be completed without distraction, or to use our communication function to keep everyone ‘in the loop’.


Whether you decide to set up a formal ‘support crew’ for yourself or someone you know, here are a list of ideas you could start with…

– Drop off bread and milk

– Help with the laundry

– Look after the kids

– Cook dinner

– Come for a visit

– Organise regular check ins (eg skype calls)

– Walk the dog

– Drop off toilet paper

– Shop for fresh food

Create a 'Support Crew' now

Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact during these times so if you are uncomfortable asking for help – start small. You will get the hang of it.