Start a ‘Street Crew’ in 6 easy steps…



‘Street Crews’ use Gather My Crew’s unique community building technology to bring neighbourhoods together during this challenging time.

These ‘Street Crews’ become supportive networks who are looking out for each other, communicating with each other, sharing local news and helping one another.

‘Street Crews’ are not just about the ‘able’ looking after the ‘vulnerable’. They are about all of us looking out for each other – because vulnerability can look different to different people and things will change rapidly over the coming months.

The free, evidence-based, Gather My Crew technology enables ‘Street Crews’ to chat with each other, offer emotional support, list things people might need, share resources, provide local updates, and coordinate offers of help all in one place.

Gather My Crew have been building ‘support crews’ around vulnerable people for years. Australia’s leading community support organisations, such as Cancer Council Australia, Red Cross, BCNA and Stroke Foundation, use our technology to support their clients. You can trust us.

Now it is time for the wider community to take advantage of our free community building technology.

It's as easy as...

  1. Register an account with Gather My Crew and complete the ‘Welcome Tour’

  2. Create your ‘Street Crew’ – on the Create a Crew’ page

  3. Post a welcome message. Go to the ‘Chat Tab’ and post a message to welcome people to your Street Crew and invite them to communicate with each other here. (Eg. share what they have, ask for help, post community news)

  4. Generate a unique URL invite for your ‘Street Crew’. Go to the ‘Crew Tab’ and generate a unique URL invite.

  5. Share the unique URL invite via email, SMS, social media (If there are people whose details you do not have and are not on social media – you could do a letterbox drop asking people to email you if they want to join. Then you can invite them to join in the Crew tab. Download our letterbox drop form here).

  6. ‘Accept’ your neighbours. When each of your neighbours click on the URL invite to join your Street Crew, you will receive an email notification from Gather My Crew. You will need to ‘accept’ each of them (we do this to make sure they are known to your network). Once accepted, they immediately join your Street Crew and can view the account. If you want people to be able to add tasks to the calendar, you must give them ‘admin rights’.


That’s it – you are now set up and ready to look after each other during the coming months.  Make sure you keep the Street Crew connected with regular messages about goods to share, help needed, share a joke, offer emotional support…

And if you need any help or guidance along the way, our help desk can be contacted at

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