Our Technology

How to set up an account

Our technology has been created with you in mind. It is simple, clear and easy to use. We are not trying to solve many problems – just one. And we want to do it well.

Gather My Crew can be set up on computer, tablet or smartphone and is supported by browsers Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Create your Crew

The first step is to create a Crew. This can be done by the person in need – or someone who cares for them.

Enter the name of the Crew, tell your Crew Members a little about why the Crew is needed, add a photo and invite anyone who will share the admin duties so they can be a part of setting up the Crew too.


Choose the help needed

We have listed a range of common help requests under eight different categories.

These categories have been identified by people who have gone through tough times as essential to coping. Gatherers can select as many or as few of these as they wish and can add to the list over time.


Invite Crew Members to lend a hand

Invitations are sent electronically by using a shareable URL link or by entering email addresses.

Crew Members need to click on the invite and create a Gather My Crew account. We encourage people to think broadly about who makes up their community of support and include neighbours, extended family, parents at school or work colleagues.

Coordinate via the shared calendar

As each Crew Members registers, they will be able to see the help requested and accept only the tasks that they choose.

This calendar is shared by the Gatherer who can see all the Crew Members activity and add new tasks as needed.

Communicate with the chat function

Gatherers and Crew Members can keep up to date and communicate with each other via the chat function.

Gatherers can send a group email to all Crew Members (eg. notifications or updates) or post on the Message Board (eg. reference material for a specific task). Crew Members can respond to messages via the message board.

Watch how easy it is to set up an account...