From people who have traveled the path before you...


“In early December 2018, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some seriously aggressive chemotherapy treatment began 10 days later and immediately had me in need of help. Having two little boys to care for, the only way to lower my load of stress was to Gather My Crew of support around me pronto. Having heard about your website, my best friend swung into action, setting up some tasks and rallying the troops to join the Crew. She built a 65 strong army who now have lifted me up and given me the additional support I needed to get through this overwhelmingly difficult time I find myself in. They complete tasks such as shopping, cooking, child minding, cleaning. They turn up at my place for walks without me having to lift a finger. The website takes the job of organising these things (through a million text messages) out of the equation. Seriously a godsend! It has also made me feel exceptionally loved & supported. Thank-you so much for creating it. It is literally saving my life!”

Melbourne Church Group

“We have a church member who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and had to have a major operation. Lots of people wanted to help so Gather My Crew has been great for putting all the tasks in. The suggested tasks were wide ranging and very helpful and it was easy to add new tasks. I sat down for an hour with her, talked about what she needed, made notes and then put it all together. Once it was all set up the family were able to look at it and add in little bits as needed which has been great, as it was too much for them earlier on. It has been very helpful to lessen the load of coordinating yet making sure that they are well looked after. The support is great – prompt and helpful”.


“Being able to use this tool has been life changing. I do not know how I could have coped over these past months without it”.


“As a support person, the hardest thing is wanting to help but being restricted by my own family and work commitments. I want to be there and be useful, but I don’t want to exhaust, harass or make things harder for her. With Gather My Crew, when I have a spare minute, I can check her calendar and commit to doing what I can, when I can. It feels great not having to burden her with my schedule amidst the juggle that comes with coordinating assistance. I love that she is in control of who she invites to join her Crew and what help she asks for. The fact that I had to wait for an invite and couldn’t just sign up makes the system more personal than other sign up sites I have used. I know that I am helping with exactly what she needs – not what someone else thinks she needs. I also love how much easier it makes her communication with her people. We all want to make the lives of our friends who are going through a hard time as easy as possible, so a system that allows that is wonderful”.


“Great idea. As a ‘helper’ I love the periodic updates on what tasks are coming up that I have signed on for and I love that it flags tasks that haven’t yet been taken up. I would definitely recommend this as a tool for anyone in need”.


Breast Cancer Clinical Nurse Consultant 

“Gather My Crew is a brilliant service. It assists people in their greatest time of need to gain the assistance that they actually need, which is a much harder process than it seems. Many times families in need are bombarded with help (like lasagne or cupcakes) – but not the practical support they might need and most likely would not ask for. The difference Gather My Crew can make to the family needing assistance is enormous. Most people find it very difficult to ask for help and most people want to help friends and family in time of need but don’t know what to do. Gather My Crew makes a real difference”.


“I was involved in a serious car accident in December last year. When I came home from hospital I was still in a pretty bad state. Even now I am not able to weight bear on my right leg and this makes the simplest of tasks impossible. My daughter had many of my friends offering any assistance that was required. It was then that my daughter made the discovery of Gather My Crew.
Since returning home from hospital I have had assistance from so many people in so many ways – sharing dinner of an evening, lunch deliveries, laundry, taking me for a walk, washing the floors, bathroom cleaning and so on. What a wonderful idea – and those who wish to be involved are able to select an activity and participate. But it does not exclude those who would still like to simply pay a visit! Fantastic idea and inception – I have benefited enormously and I’m very grateful. Thank you”


“Our friend was facing life threatening surgery last year.  Her recovery period was expected to be long and physically challenging. Gather My Crew was recommended to us. It was truly AMAZING. Once it was step up – all the Gatherer needed to do was occasionally check-in to the website to ensure all was going well. We could not have helped the family as seamlessly without Gather My Crew”.


“I just wanted to say how wonderful this is. We live in a teeny rural town in Victoria and have a close friend that has been struck down with a rare virus. We have now set up a Gather My Crew group. Thank you! It is perfect!”


“I have been using Gather My Crew since May. The thing I love the most is that I just had to as people once if they wanted to help out and then I just leave them to decide when they can do it. I need the help, but don’t have to feel bad every time I am asking for more help. It also makes it so much easier for me to navigate this whole cancer experience because this one thing is managed for me”.


“Thanks so much for Gather my Crew. My friend is now finished her treatment and on the way to recovery. She is making slow and careful progress and I’m sure that not having to worry about her family allowed her to concentrate on coping with the treatment and starting her recovery. There are 32 very supportive ‘Gatherers’ out there who will be singing your praises. Thank you.”


“I have been able to help a friend out while she’s undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It has made me feel like I am actually doing something rather than just sitting back feeling helpless while she struggles. The site is very easy to use and has been so helpful. I would recommend it to anyone in need of assistance at a difficult time in their life.  It takes the pressure off people trying to coordinate meal rosters etc, and enables the person who needs the help to schedule exactly what tasks they need help with and when it suits them. Thanks for creating such a wonderful resource for people who really need help”.


Health Clinician 

“Gather My Crew is a great way to ensure that people get the help they need. Getting 10 frozen casseroles isn’t helpful. Enabling people to know what is needed and to pick the tasks they feel they can do means that real help is achieved. It’s hard to ask people to do a particular task because you don’t want to put them on the spot and make them feel they should do something they may not be comfortable doing. For Crew Members to be able to pick how they help makes it all much easier and much easier and more likely that the person in crisis will actually ask for help and, therefore, get that help. Great idea”.