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Susan Palmer

Posted 05 Mar 2019 - 1.3 minute read

My twin girls, Beth and Alice, were born at 33 weeks and 4 days due to an emergency C-section.

Beth was on the small size and had poor placenta blood flow.  Beth was 1.5kg and Alice was 2kg.

The girls were all good for the first 24 hours but then Alice developed breathing issues and had to be transferred to the Royal Women’s Hospital for higher level care.

I was released from hospital with two babies in separate special care hospitals and I couldn’t drive due to a twin C-section.

It was pretty overwhelming.

What was the most difficult challenge about keeping your life going?

Finding time to be in two places at once when I couldn’t drive.

I didn’t have the time or ability to cook, clean or sleep.

It was a very emotional time.

How did you coordinate the help that you received?

I used a simple spreadsheet to work out who was helping with what and when.

What was the emotional impact of coordinating the help that you needed?

It was stressful and challenging as everyone is busy and you don’t want to intrude.

How would Gather My Crew have helped you had it existed?

Gather My Crew would have taken the stress away. It would have made it easy to have on hand at any time.

How would Gather My Crew have changed the way that you asked for, received and coordinated help?

I wouldn’t have asked. I would have had someone else to do it for me – which also would have helped!