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Susan Palmer

Posted 25 Mar 2019 - 1.2 minute read

I have just recently used Gather My Crew for myself and my family whilst I underwent treatment for breast cancer.

I live in a regional part of Western Australia and have two young children who I needed help with. I had to travel every day to a regional centre an hour away from my home for treatment.

I was able to coordinate everything through Gather My Crew and everyone found it really easy to use. It was so much help and made everything so much easier.

I tell people all the time about how wonderful Gather My Crew was for me and my family. I know that my breast care nurse in Bunbury has also referred a number of people.

Getting help during tough times is so crucial to making things more positive and I agree some people find it overwhelming and daunting.

I know that I found it really hard to try and communicate and update everyone on how I was before I started using Gather My Crew. After I had it, I could send out an email to update people on where I was at with treatment, how the kids were doing and what I needed going forward.  It also made it really easy for me to organise a social gathering at the end of my treatment to thank everyone who had been in ‘My Crew’.

Many thanks again for the wonderful tool you have created to help people.