What We Do

Technology. Research. Education. Partnerships

We provide our technology for free

We are passionate about building supportive communities and want to make this a reality for all Australians.

Whether you are a friend wanting to coordinate help for someone, a school group looking to support a family, a religious organisation wanting to help a member of your community, or a person in need of support – we encourage you to create a free Gather My Crew account and get started.

We are focused on clinical research

We work to hard to understand the problem so we can provide the best possible solution.

Led by our Founder (Dr Susan Palmer M.Psych, MPH, PhD) we conducted 12 months of research to create our online help roster – talking to people who have been through tough times, the friends and family who supported them and clinicians involved in their care. We take our research seriously so you can have trust in our evidence-based solutions.

We offer online education, guidance and technical support

We are committed to supporting the development of Gather My Crew communities.

We do this through our online education, guidance (have a look at our ‘Hints & Tips’ section), our Facebook community and via our 7 day a week technical support. When you create a Gather My Crew account, you become part of our community.

We partner with other Australian organisations

We encourage partnerships with organisations supporting people in need and work with them to spread the word about Gather My Crew.

Any organisation in regular contact with people in need of the coordinated support of their own community is welcome to use our technology and educational resources.