Activate a 'support crew' to help during tough times

We provide free technology to mobilise communities of support around Australians who are doing it tough.

How it works

1. Select help needed

2. Invite the Crew (friends and family)

3. Get support

Coronavirus (self-isolating), illness, bushfire, flood, surgery, accident, sudden death, new baby, ageing parent?

Use Gather My Crew to coordinate the right kind of help from friends, family and neighbours.

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Gather My Crew is an Australian charity. Our technology is FREE to use. We want every Australian to be surrounded by the support they need during tough times.

People want to help in more ways than you thinkā€¦


Have helped with laundry


Have visited for a social catch up


Have driven someone to an appointment


Have helped with shopping

It’s as simple as…

creating a Crew, choosing the help needed from our list, inviting Crew Members and coordinating everything via our shared calendar.

Why we exist...