Coordinate help in tough times

Gather a support Crew with our simple online help roster

Gather My Crew connects people going through tough times with friends and family who want to provide practical help

How it works

1. Select help needed

2. Invite the Crew

3. Get support

Whatever the issue – illness, surgery, accident, sudden death, new baby, divorce, ageing parent – Gather My Crew helps people get the right kind of support from their friends and family.

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People can help in more ways than you thinkā€¦


Have helped with washing and folding the laundry


Have visited for a social chat


Have helped to get someone to their appointment


Have helped with buying groceries

Choose from a list of common tasks, coordinate with the calendar and manage the Crew

We encourage people to think broadly about who can become a Crew Member and include neighbours, extended family, parents at school or work colleagues.