Susan Palmer

Posted 21 Mar 2019 - 1.8 minute read

Gather My Crew is a perfect solution for schools trying to coordinate help and support for members of their community.


Many schools are great at coordinating meals for families in need but there is so much more that the school can offer – and Gather My Crew can facilitate this.

With a Gather My Crew account, the school can coordinate help for many families within the single account. A school representative can act as an administrator to set up accounts for families in need and then invite a specific grade or year level to lend a hand.


Here are 5 things to remember when creating a school account…


1. Set up a school account that can be used to coordinate help for many families.

The role of Gatherer (or administrator) can be shared. Consider asking a friend of each family in need to share the role of administrator – administrators can be allocated for each Crew individually.


2. Look beyond providing meals.

Meals are great – and a necessary part of a functioning family – but other help that the school community can provide such as transport to and from school for the kids, lunchboxes, homework help, afterschool playdates, transport to afterschool activities, lunchbox snacks are also of huge value.


3. Talk to the family before setting up a Gather My Crew account.

To get the most out of the help that is on offer, it is important that the family is aware of the Crew and can give their permission.


4. Get the input from the family and their close friends to target the help provided.

Ask the family what help would be best for them using the suggested tasks within Gather My Crew and encourage them to bring along a close friend to the discussion. People are often more comfortable accepting help if it is suggested by someone else – and friends are very good at identifying what would make the biggest difference to the person in need.


5. Normalise the offer of help.

It is best to explain that it standard practice that the school sets up these accounts to support families in times of need. Remember – people often feel uncomfortable asking for help so it is important to normalize this process as much as possible.