How It Works

Gather My Crew brings together the ‘two halves of the whole’…

Gather My Crew has the power to turn offers of ‘let me know how I can help’ into the support that is really needed.

Activate support in 3 easy steps...

'Gatherer' selects the help needed from our list of common tasks

Friends, family, neighbours and colleagues are invited to become 'Crew Members'

'Crew Members' view the tasks and select the things they can help with

Who is the ‘Gatherer’?

The person who sets up and monitors the ‘crew’. It could be the person in need or someone who cares about them.

Gatherers need to:

  • Create the account
  • Select the help that is needed
  • Invite Crew Members
  • Monitor the account

The Gatherer will receive regular updates and alerts from Gather My Crew.

If you want to set up a Gather My Crew account for someone else, make sure you ask their permission first. It is essential that they are able to identify the help they need and who they want as Crew Members.

Who are the ‘Crew Members’?

The people who are providing the help. They could be family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, parents at school, people from your faith group and everything in between.

Crew Members MUST be invited by the Gatherer.

Invitations from the Gatherer contain a link to the ‘crew’ account. Once an invitation is activated, Crew Members can see the help needed and can select what they can do to help.

If you want to help but have not received an invitation, you could:

  • Tell them about Gather My Crew so they can create an account
  • Offer to set up an account for them (become a Gatherer)
  • Offer to be a Crew Member

A 'Gatherer' story

A 'Crew Member' story