Susan Palmer

Posted 21 Mar 2019 - 1.4 minute read

When someone we know is going through a tough time, it is a natural response to want to offer some help.

Many of us show our desire to help by giving flowers or cooking a meal. And while these offers of support come from a place of love… there are so many more practical ways we can assist someone doing it tough.

Gather My Crew encourages people to think more broadly about the ways they can help someone in need. To think about what action will have the greatest impact. It does not need to be an act of huge sacrifice on the part of the support person – small actions can have a big impact if they are well considered and targeted to the specific needs of the person requiring the help.


So – put yourself in their shoes and think about what would help you in their situation.

  • If they social isolated – think about a visit for a cup of tea.
  • If they are needing medical care – offer to take them to an appointment.
  • If they have young kids – suggest a play date or sleepover at your place to give them a rest.
  • If they have older kids – think about how you can help with the logistics of activities.
  • If they live next door – take their weekly bins out.
  • If you are a close friend – offer to change the bed sheets!


Here are the top 10 help requests from Gather My Crew…

  1. Cook dinner

  2. Do the laundry

  3. Come for a visit

  4. Bake lunch snacks

  5. Transport to an appointment

  6. Take kids to school

  7. Walk the dog

  8. Make lunchboxes

  9. Take carer out

  10. Arrange a playdate